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Diabetic and Healthy - Charlotte Bulpitt EPISODE 7, 7th April 2020
Living with Diabetes - An interview with an expert
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Living with Diabetes - An interview with an expert

The interviewer becomes the interviewee as we get to learn more about Diabetic and Healthy founder Charlotte Bulpitt.

To help us learn more ,Charlotte asks her friend and fellow podcaster, Steve Witt to become the host for this episode and delve deeper into what it's like to live with diabetes.

Here are just some of the questions we learn the answers to:

  • How did you discover you were diabetic?
  • How bad did your condition get before you were diagnosed?
  • Does being a diabetic hold you back?
  • What are some of the biggest achievements you have made since being diabetic?
  • What do other people think of you being a diabetic?
  • How does being diabetic effect you mentally?
  • Have you mastered diabetes?

Plus we learn lots more and Charlotte shares some great tips along the way.