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How a College Student Earned 10k a Month Land Flipping with Kevin Su
13th May 2021 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#189: The “broke college student” stereotype is part of most cultures. With the high cost of college education, many graduates end up paying student loans for years. We've also heard countless tales of college students working odd jobs that pay pennies just to have spending money. But not everyone fits this stereotype, as we can see from today’s guest.

Just because you’re a college student, doesn’t mean you have to be broke. Tune in to this interview with Wealth Without Wall Street Community member Kevin Su and find out how he started flipping houses with absolutely no experience while in college. His entrepreneurial mindset led him to join the community where he got immersed in the Infinite Banking Concept. Hear the rest of his story in today's episode. 

Top 3 Things You'll Learn:

  1. You don't have to be a real estate expert to start a house flip
  2. Cash flow projection and predictability should be on top of your priorities
  3. Establishing the right systems and processes can accelerate your success


About Our Guest:

Kevin Su is a member of the Wealth Without Wall Street Community. He started his financial education while in college doing house flipping without any experience. Kevin pursued his interest in wealth creation by joining WWWS Community, where he learned more about the Infinite Banking Concept. 

These two books profoundly influenced Kevin’s journey to financial freedom: Dirt Rich by The Land Geek, Mark Podolsky, and Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash. 

Connect with Kevin: