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Nick Pittman, Norcast TV: Six Figure Income Doing Local Weather Forecasts
Episode 531st May 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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On today’s episode we speak with Noreaster Nick Pittman, president and founder of Norcast TV, a local weather app.

Nick provides hyper local weather to the South Jersey community across digital platforms and has big plans for expansion through franchising personalized digital weather forecasts across the US. Nick pumps out his local weather forecasts to over 100k followers on social media. He monetizes by selling direct sponsorships to local businesses, bringing in over a quarter a million dollars per year.

Nick has mastered the art of creating a streamlined process to maximize his output and knowing where he wants to take the business. What on the surface seems like just local weather forecasts on social may be a budding meteorlgical empire. Building an own online weather platform, and his plans to take on local news outlets across the country through branching his model. Onto to the interview.

  1. (0:07) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason. 
  2. (1:18) Nick Pittman’s background and childhood, how he got into weather forecasting, his experience with working in forecasting at age 17,and how he got started with his own forecasting business.
  3. (9:07) The overview of Norcast TV, how the business makes money, and future expansion plans.
  4. (15:47) The differences in formatting and timing between Norcast TV and traditional weather television.
  5. (20:54) The importance of the meteorologist in providing context for the weather information.
  6. (25:36) The setup of the local portion of the business in South Jersey, advertising in the winter months, Nick’s ad process, and other revenue streams.
  7. (32:33) The technology and graphics system that Norcast TV uses and what the home setup looks like.
  8. (37:38) Being recognized in public and never forgetting where you come from. 
  9. (39:23) Expanding into the franchise model, how it will work, and a future email newsletter.  
  10. (47:23) Where the audience is, how content is distributed across platforms, and what a typical day looks like.  
  11. (51:13) Whether Nick has taken investments and future plans.
  12. (53:39) Programs and software that are indispensable to Nick’s workflow.
  13. (54:37) Why Nick has never looked back or doubted his business, and why he loves what he does.
  14. (57:47) Where to find Norcast TV on social media and on the app store. 
  15. (58:24) Closing thoughts and remarks with Kyle and Jason.  

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