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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 169, 31st March 2021
Ever Wonder: "Will People Even Listen To My Podcast?" This is for you
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Ever Wonder: "Will People Even Listen To My Podcast?" This is for you

PDS #169

This episode is a take away from the 3-day Podcast Growth & Monetization Workshop held weeks ago and will answer “The Question” when contemplating to start on your own podcast show. And yes, that question is: WIll people even listen to my podcast? I will be sharing four key points that you should consider before you hop-in in the podcasting space.   

Enjoy listening!

In this episode:

- The question we heard from the Podcast Growth and Monetization Workshop - Will people even listen to my podcast?

- Four key points or tips to consider if you want to start doing a podcast show.

- A caveat on the fourth tip based on the personal experience of Luis when he was just starting.

- Check out the Podcast Growth & Monetization Workshop, a methodology that will grow 5 to 10x your podcast revenue as well as grow your podcast.


- Ahrefs

- Semrush

- Google Keyword Search Planner 

- Podcast Growth & Monetization Workshop:


Connect with Luis:

- Website- https://www.podcastdomination.co/

- Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/luisryandiaz/

- Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/luisryan4