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Musicpreneur: Making Money Making Music™ - Committed Media, LLC 21st December 2020
How Unfair Criticism (Is There Another Kind?) Can Either Build or Destroy Your Brand
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How Unfair Criticism (Is There Another Kind?) Can Either Build or Destroy Your Brand

An unfortunate reality of being a public figure of any sort is you by default put something of a “kick me” sign on your back and open yourself up to the dysfunctional elements of society who's heads explode when confronted with an opinion that differs from their own.

Whether you have a podcast, a blog, a youtube channel, or are one of those Instagram “influencers” (whatever that means, seems a bit “sus” to me but I digress), it’s just one of those things you need to accept as part of the job.

On the rare occasions you do come under fire for saying something controversial, or that rattles someone’s cage, it can be either a blessing or a curse. Whether it is a blessing or a curse really depends on the mindset and skillset of the person who’s been given the tool of the criticism.

Just like a hammer can be used to either build a house or tear it down, those comments on anti-social media made by people who are in desperate need of intensive therapy can be used to build your brand, or tear it down.

The criticism is the tool; you’re the one using it. The question, how will you use it?

Wisdom will allow you to build it up; foolishness will inevitably lead to your reputation, personal brand, etc. being tarnished and ultimately ruined.

We discussed this and much more on this week's version of the musicpreneur podcast.

Who's "we"?

How rude of me. Jim Lambie, who's helping out with hosting duties, the legendary Jason Heath of the Contrabass Conversations podcast, and myself got together to record this show for you.

I think you'll dig it.