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Prayer 2021 - Welcome and Introduction
31st December 2020 • Study in Prayer • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture of the Day:   

1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray Continually”

What this is about:   Prayer 2021 was impressed upon my spirit after several days of prayer as I sought the Lord for what His plan was for this ministry as we entered the year 2021.  Each year, beginning about Thanksgiving time, I seek the Lord for guidance on this matter.  This year, the impression was very clear – we need PRAYER in 2021.  We need prayer now, more than ever.

As I pondered that thought for a few days, seeking more guidance from the Lord on exactly what He needed me to do… I was reminded of something that occurred 5 years ago…

In 2015, I did a 365 day bible study every morning. I would wake up about one hour early, 430am, and go into my office and record a short, 10-15 minute bible study on a verse of scripture. This video was then posted to YouTube and Facebook.

The Lord brought that to my remembrance and I understood this is what my plan would be for 2021 regarding prayer. That was the first confirmation.

Next, I was wondering how many bible verses actually talked or mentioned prayer. So, a quick Google search later, I discovered there are 367 verses in the Bible that specifically mention prayer or praying!  That was interesting. Two more than enough for one each day…How could I work that into a year long Bible Study?

The answer: Start one day early and go one day later!  Beginning December 31, 2020 and ending on January 1, 2020.  That took care of that!  Second confirmation!

Finally, there was the issue of the name for the teaching…  The Lord has put on my heart, the theme for 2021 was to be Prayer.  As I was praying about a name for this teaching series, Prayer 2021 seemed appropriate. A quick search on GoDaddy showed “” was available!  (FYI: This was the second time this year that an important name that was given to me by the Lord, a name that was very clear, concise and descriptive – was available. That almost “never” happens when searching for good domain name today).  Well, that was “confirmation number three!”

Although there will be a general theme to the way each study will happen for each day, I will remain sensitive to how the Holy Spirit leads each bible study on prayer. For the most part, this will be the format:

1.     Short opening prayer.

2.     Scripture for the day.

3.     Subject matter introduction (or reminder as some topics will be shared over several days).

4.     Brief – 5-6 minute teaching for the topic of that day.

5.     Closing remarks.

6.     Closing prayer for the day.

The total time for each daily recording will be approximately 15 minutes (give or take a very little bit). I want to make each of these sessions short, for easy consumption. I do not want to make this into long sessions that someone may not be able to listen to in one listening session.

All of these teachings will take place on Facebook Live and YouTube Live and the recordings will also be held on those platforms. I will use other social media platforms to assist my efforts to “Get the Word Out.”

The efforts for this year is to teach as many people as possible on the different types of prayer (which some say are 9 and others say there are 12 different aspects of prayer); how to pray; when to pray; and other aspects as the Holy Spirit leads. 

My SUNDAY morning live broadcasts on Evangelism Radio will feature one hour teachings on PRAYER as well. That is 52 hours of teaching on that platform, in addition to the 367 days of teaching on one aspect of prayer.

2021 is going to be totally dedicated to PRAYER.

Please support me in this effort by joining PRAYER 2021 and sharing this information with as many people, pastors and others that you can. Please JOIN ME in prayer every single day. If you can watch LIVE – great!  But if that does not work out for you (as I will be going live at 5am ET each day), please watch the recordings!  Go to to sign up for notifications when a new episode is available!

Remember, we are working together to “GET THE WORD OUT” and this world needs prayer now, more than at any time in history. Jesus IS returning soon and who knows, these short teachings on prayer may be the one thing that has one of your loved ones turn to the Lord!  AMEN!

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