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11. So You Want to Write a Book? Your First Steps to Being an Author
Episode 114th October 2021 • On Your Terms • Sam Vander Wielen
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I am in the early stages of writing my own book, and it is quite an adventure. I have put off writing this for so long because of all the worries I had around what had to be in place before I could write. When I started looking into where to start, I got one piece of advice: “Start by talking to Richelle Fredson.” We made a connection, and now she’s my writing coach and consultant on this project. Richelle’s going to share all the information I wish I had known before. If you have ever wanted to tell your story but you don’t know where to start, we’re going to guide you through the mucky misinformation out there, tell you what a book coach is, what they do, and the three different types of book publishing. She also offers three things that you want to do now if you know you want to write a book someday.

In this episode, you'll hear… 

  • 09:24 - What Richelle did before book coaching
  • 14:23 - What distinguishes a book that has long-term sales
  • 18:15 - How Purposeful Platforms was born
  • 24:42 - What is a book consultant or book coach?
  • 29:13 - The three publishing options and how they are different
  • 37:18 - How to know which publishing model is right for you
  • 45:00 - Teaching what you’re writing about
  • 48:27 - Three things to do now if you want to write a book
  • 53:10 - The way the industry has changed, and predictions for the future
  • 57:32 - When to start writing your book



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