Episode 3264th December 2021 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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Before SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, there was another Psycho Santa out to ruin your Christmas.

Directed by DAVID HESS, star of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, TO ALL A GOODNIGHT (1980) is the cautionary tale of a group of finishing school girls who decide to drug their housemother so that they can throw the Christmas party to end all Christmas parties. But before you can say, "What could possibly go wrong?", a killer in a Santa Claus crashes the party and puts an end to their holly jolly hootenanny.

Oh, boy, is this one a stinker!

You can expect:

  • Murdered mannequins
  • Nonsensical dialogue
  • Goblets of warm milk
  • The Porno Police
  • Awkward nudity
  • Goat sex

When a movie is this bad, there are only two guests who can salvage it: Cindy and Stacy from CREEPY KITCH.

This episode was recorded last year and was released as a Patreon exclusive. This is an edited version of that session, believe it or not.

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