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The Big Self Podcast - Big Self School EPISODE 67, 30th May 2021
Discover your five callings
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Discover your five callings

Shelley and Chad kick off Season 2 with a series on "callings." In this week's episode, the co-hosts tee off the subject with their own working definition of what calling is and then dive into their own five-part framework for how to discern and build your callings.

Let us hear your calling stories. What are the most inspiring stories of people who have clearly found their callings? 

In what ways would you say you have found your calling already? How do you know who you are already? 

In what ways would you say you are still looking for your calling?

If you’re interested in callings go to Big Self School.com/corevalues and download the free activity we’ve created for you to get clear on your core values. It’s fun. It takes 15 minutes, and we believe core values are a critical component of your callings work.

Time Stamps:

4:14: Your callings are the experiences you co-create with something bigger than yourself.

6:45: The five ways you are called, starting with you are called to grow

12:53: You are called to connect

16:20: You are called to contribute

21:36: You are called to play

26:17: You are called to create

27:57: Entering a flow state

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