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Sustainable Innovation and Beyond: Atul Vir's Trailblazing Odyssey in International Entrepreneurship
Episode 9618th January 2024 • Logistics with Purpose • Supply Chain Now
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In this episode of Logistics with Purpose, hosts Enrique Alvarez and Kevin Brown welcome Atul Vir, President of Equator Advanced Appliances to the show, to share his remarkable journey from a military boarding school in India to international entrepreneurship.

He discusses key experiences, including navigating a coup, starting Equator, and collaborating with NASA, and emphasizes empathy, negotiation, and sustainability in business. The conversation also touches on his book, "Underdog Thinking," and the impact of COVID-19 on Equator.

Listen in as Enrique, Kevin, and Atul truly highlight the importance of logistics with purpose and building meaningful relationships and good values in business.

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