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264. ClassPass’s Payal Kadakia on the Problem Solving Cycle + How to Act on Your WHY
Episode 26417th October 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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We are thrilled for today’s interview because this amazing woman’s passion project is a huge part of our everyday lives. Please welcome the founder of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia! ClassPass is a fitness membership that lets you take classes at a variety of locations in your area. Spin, barre, pilates, yoga, or gym time—it’s all under one membership! It also allows you to tap into the local communities when traveling.

Payal shares how before founding ClassPass she was unfulfilled in her corporate job, trying to balance work with her love of dance. She illustrates the fear she experienced before leaving her job, along with the passion behind entrepreneurship—like focusing on the problem you’re trying to solve versus your idea. Payal explains the market research and fundraising involved, how ClassPass has grown over the years, and what we have to look forward to in the future. When it comes to her passion for dance, Payal shares how it connects her to her Indian culture and feeds her love of giving to people, which is how she came to found ClassPass.

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We also talk about:

  • Being in your masculine vs. feminine
  • Balancing Payal’s corporate job with dance
  • Payal’s relationship with her parents
  • Having an identity crisis & living two lives
  • When she saw a hole in the market to start ClassPass
  • Most difficult part of keeping partners and customers happy
  • The team atmosphere when starting off
  • The hardship of being an entrepreneur
  • Redefining what words mean to you
  • Instagram accounts L&K love

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