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4·10 Jirl Power! ⠀ (Coup By Clam)
Episode 1031st January 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·10: Coup By Clam

When the crew visit the paranoid, politically unstable planet of Khurtanan, an opportunistic doctor poisons and blackmails them. Things get even more complicated when the planet's resistance gets involved.

“The crew arrived at the planet of the sexists. The slug gets a doctorate by interrogating a doctor and beware of what they call ""space madness"".” (thanks GoingMetal799!)

“Doc Snot's shellfish force the crew into playing a deadly game of follow the leader on a planet where women are second class citizens D'argo re-enacts THAT scene from when Harry met Sally and John shows us what he has under his skirt.” (thanks Marky See !)

“Transmissible Celestial Dementia,

'Doc Snot' has the only preventure,

Girl Power grows,

Bite off his nose,

Sharing clams caused this whole misadventure. ” (thanks Ric from the Delta Quadrant!)“Jirl power, food poisoning, and who knew that I Yensch was such a mensch! No matter who you are in this episode, you're likely to clam up if anyone asks you about what happened here. Let's just say that there's a reason granny's not allowed in the kitchen anymore...” (thanks Danny!)

“Moya stops at a plant to obtain tech to delve into tormented space, and the crew decide to take in some local cuisine. The crew might've preferred Noranti's concoction over the new bonds created between them by the clams. In attempts to heal the crew, the men cross into unfamiliar territory and discover their inner girl power. ” (thanks Melissa!)

“A luncheon proves unforgettable, zergenbobs are neglected, and we finally see what someone's been hiding up their skirt. ” (thanks Mark Nixon!)

First aired on Friday, 16 August 2002, written by Emily Skopov, and directed by Ian Watson"

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