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244: When Is The Right Time For Hormone Replacement Therapy? with Jill Chmielewski
Episode 24414th March 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Jill Chmielewski is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Advocate for Aging Women, and Mom of Four who is on a mission to change the way we approach menopause and aging. Jill believes that education is the key to helping women understand their bodies, manage their health, and advocate for themselves as they age. She created The Peri to Menopause Roadmap and The Beginner's Guide to Hormone Replacement Therapy to help women navigate the wild ride from perimenopause through menopause and beyond and she recently launched Pausing Together, an online community for women to connect, learn, and open up discussions on the topics that affect "PAUSAL" women.

In this episode, we talk about the misconceptions around menopause, common symptoms of perimenopause, the right approach to hormone testing in perimenopause, when to consider hormone replacement therapy, how to find the right practitioner, and so much more!

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