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'All Your Days' (2020–2022)
Episode 715th March 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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At last, the making of the 2022 album ‘All Your Days’ — featuring Matthew Girard (bass, engineer, mixing, mastering) and Richard Adkins (drums and rhythm sequencing). Good chat, including some notes about Joy Division, Stevie Nicks, Karaugh Brown, Frank Ocean, and more. We go all the way down, surfacing the steps, ideas, challenges, and triumphs that came with putting the trio together remotely and making a giant, weird album in the middle of a giant, awful mess. 

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The following songs and sources are included in this episode.

  1. Columbus (Live 2003)
  2. Columbus (Live 2004)
  3. Columbus (Practice studio 2008)
  4. Columbus (Demo 2019)
  5. Columbus (‘Silver Crown’ Unreleased 2019)
  6. Columbus (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  7. Factotum (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  8. Empathy Bomb (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  9. Kyoto (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  10. After the Glitter Fades (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  11. Last Real Poet (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  12. Such A Dream (‘All Your Days’ 2022)
  13. All Your Days (Live 2002)
  14. All Your Days (‘All Your Days’ 2022)



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