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Ep. #52 | Cracking Kubrick: "A Clockwork Orange" with Buck Johnson
Episode 5230th October 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 52,  Marc is joined by fellow podcasting aficionado Buck Johnson of the Counterflow podcast to break down one of his favorite movies, Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange", in the second installment of the "Cracking Kubrick" series. Buck details a bit about the direction his life and his podcast have taken since discovering Orthodox Christianity -  a worldview that certainly influences aspects of his interpretation. Marc and Buck proceed to go through the film scene by scene and give their takes on just what Stanley Kubrick was trying to convey with the film. 

In the Smoke-Filled Room, Marc gets Buck's take on some wild and crazy conspiracy topics such as Flat Earth, the Moon Landing, UFO's/UAP's, and how his experience as a firefighter has lent credence to his belief that high-level conspiracies are indeed quite possible. 

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