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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 202, 5th May 2021
Jehovah Jireh: God is our Provider (Names of God)

Jehovah Jireh: God is our Provider (Names of God)

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 202

The Names of God are a profound revelation of the character and nature of God—all of which find their fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

The first week of each month, we examine one of God’s Names to learn more about Who He is and how Jesus reveals and showcases this incredible attribute to us in the flesh (for He is God in the flesh).

Though the Name Jehovah Jireh only shows up once in Scripture, the truth that God is a provider is declared all throughout Scripture (and Christian history). The promise is that not only does God delight in being the provider—seeing in advance and making provision—but that He has become the provision we need.

If you are facing hardship, difficulty, pain, or trials, then you need this reminder that everything you need is provided for you in Christ Jesus.

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