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The Grow Your Private Practice Show - Jane Travis EPISODE 55, 7th July 2021
The hidden impact of money issues in private practice, with Cathy Towers
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The hidden impact of money issues in private practice, with Cathy Towers

If you’re a counsellor in private practice, chances are you’ve wrangled with some money issues in your time. And the truth is, this isn’t something you can work on and get rid of because they keep appearing in different ways and under different circumstances.

There is no denying it, issues around money mindset issues can hold you back - in more ways than may first appear. 

So in this episode, I have the fabulous Cathy Towers here for a chat. 

Cathy is a counsellor and psychotherapist, a speaker and workshop facilitator, a DJ and improv leader - so she wears many hats, 

But the hat she’s wearing today is that of a money mentor because Cathy has been working with counsellors on this topic for years. 

So take a listen as we explore the deeper and more complex impact money issues can have both on ourselves, our clients, and our business. 

In this episode we explore:

  • The traps we can fall into around money and charging clients
  • The importance of valuing ourselves
  • The impact of free on the counselling relationship
  • The hidden costs of being in private practice

About Cathy Towers

Cathy has been running workshops on Your Relationship with Money and Charging for Time for ten years.  She speaks at the BACP regularly and offers consultation on money issues.

She also jointly runs workshops on Business Therapy, dealing with the challenges, struggles, and sticky issues for private practice creatively by "putting your relationship with your business on the couch".  

After many years of hiding her light, she is now a fierce voice for confidence and communication, with a radio show on Phonic FM called Speaking Out.

Connect with Cathy on LinkedIn - just search Cathy Towers

Cathy's resources:

Blog 'That debate about free sessions'

Calculator for therapists

Jane's blog ‘Should you offer counselling clients a free first session?'

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