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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 23, 12th March 2021
The Mystical Mythic Muse that is You

The Mystical Mythic Muse that is You

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Navigate these Radical Times: 04:38

Hilma af Klint: 09:48

Pisces New Moon: 28:36

Guided Meditation: 44:00

Journey with me as we discuss you as a channel of devotion, the mystical mythic muse that is you. In this episode I share a bit about a complimentary global virtual offering that I have coming up-- Navigate these Radical Times. We dive into the genius of Hilma af Klint’s universal symbolic paintings, the Pisces New Moon and blessed Ostara coming as the Wheel of the Year shifts into another dimension. This episode culminates with a guided meditation for your Venusian Neptunian integration.

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