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The Heart Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way
Episode 468th August 2019 • Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga • Vie Binga & Tim Ganley
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  • The fourth chakra (aka heart chakra) is called anahata in Sanskrit, pronounced anaahata
  • Tim is singing the Groove Is In The Heart by Deee Lite:
  • Anaahata means unstruck, referring to the sound that our heart makes that we cannot hear. Deep isn’t it? :)
  • The keyword of the heart chakra is compassion for everyone and everything
  • An out of balance heart chakra causes resentment, apathy and calculated relationships
  • It is very hard to have a healthy heart chakra without a healthy root chakra
  • A person with a healthy heart chakra wants to make every one smile
  • A person with an out of balance heart chakra wants to be a troll
  • Unconditional love requires faith in something bigger than ourselves
  • The greek word filoxenia, being friend to a stranger denotes the concept of a really strong heart chakra
  • The Vedic system states that we are all connected through the Atman (higher power, macrocosmos) and the jivatman (individual soul, microcosmos)
  • Quantum physics refers to the concept that we are all connected as entanglement theory; Atman corresponds to the unified field of consciousness
  • Learn how to perform the Standing Heating Breath properly here:
  • The Superman pose and the Superman Stance are great for strengthening the heart chakra
  • Standing or seated rows, pull-ups and pushups should be added to your daily routine
  • The color is green, the stones are emerald, peridot, green tourmaline
  • The bija mantra is yam (pronounced yum)
  • Ideal spices for the heart chakra: chamomile and holy basil
  • The planet is Venus and the day of the week, Friday


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