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Music at Hoe Bridge School with Fiona Taylor
Episode 1825th November 2021 • Life at Hoe Bridge School • Hoe Bridge School
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#018 - Welcome back to Life at Hoe Bridge School, the podcast where we speak to pupils, staff and parents to find out what it’s really like. Every week we’ll be talking to members of the school community to hear real stories of life in the school. And today we’re speaking to Director of Music, Fiona Taylor, to discuss just what music is all about at Hoe Bridge. 

So today, Fiona will delve into how music has enriched the pupil experience, the kind of lessons, choirs and concerts children at Hoe Bridge take part in and the impact of trends in music and technology and how Hoe Bridge has kept up with the times. 

We’ll also hear how Fiona encourages children to keep up their musical learning and exactly what it is that keeps Fiona so passionate about music at Hoe Bridge school. 

So come with me now as Tracey discovers all about music at Hoe Bridge with Fiona Taylor.

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