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The Shadow Man
Episode 4423rd February 2022 • The Kundalini Chronicles • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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In this episode, Scott shares his latest poem, The Shadow Man. The backstory of the poem is about his encounter with a demon, which he calls the shadow man. The demon visited Scott in the middle of the night, a week before his father passed. He showed up for five nights in a row, and after Scott's father passed, he never saw the shadow man again. The poem chronicles how Scott made peace with the demon, allowing the demon to be set free.

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This podcast features the lessons learned from Scott Bryant-Comstock's Kundalini Awakening. Scott shares aspects of his kundalini awakening, reads a spontaneously written poem coming straight from the universe and provides a bit of homework to help guide you in your own self-discovery for improvement.

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Poem for the episode - The Shadow Man

Shadow Man

Scott Bryant-Comstock, 2/14/22


Jarred and awakened from dreams of safety known,

banging and clanging on the opaque window that separates me from my soul.


I hear a voice that's not a voice.

I see a soul that has no soul.

It's the Shadow Man,

revealing his plan, telling me it's time to go.


Rap, tap, whack.

I am the Shadow Man.

And I've come to take you back.

Come play with me,

I will set you free.


The Shadow Man is coming for me.

Part man, part animal, Bobcat-like in size.

Squirrel teeth, bat face, piercing black snake eyes.

A familiar grin with a sinister spin

beckons me to cross to the other side.


I cannot move. I cannot stand,

I live in fear of the Shadow Man.


But fear is just a tear that refuses to fall.

If I let go of fear, then the Shadow Man has no reason to call.

No shadow, no fear, no reason to stall.

What if I welcome the Shadow Man to be a part of it all?


Rap, tap, whack,

I am the Shadow Man.

I've come to take you back.

It's time for you to see

that you belong to me.


No, I say, not today.

I know you for what you are.

Demon blood lurks inside, toying with my heart.

Tempting, deceiving, thieving, grieving, tearing me apart.


You are lost in a child's game,

full of longing, suffering, and pain.

I wish you well in your quest to be free.

Shadow Man, you no longer hold a spell over me.

You and I will coexist, but no longer will I feel your grip.

No longer will you immerse me in your thunderous tryst

with darkness, with loss, with the absence of light.


Shadow Man, what you seek is not me.

What you seek is to be released.

The dark parts of me speak to you with glee

but they won't set you free, just as they won’t for me.


Flooding my face with an ocean of mist,

I am mindful of the secret to finding true bliss.

Acceptance, forgiveness, the is that just is.


The secret is to neither cling nor flee.

The secret is to just be.


Shadow Man, will you take my hand,

and embrace all of the parts of me?


Only then will I truly be able to see.


Only then will we be free.


~ Poem ~