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Getting the Rainbow with Trish Bennett
Episode 4925th October 2021 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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In this week's episode, Stacy and Sam talk with Trish Bennett about acknowledging our thoughts to gain new perspective and shifting manifestations.

Founder of Build Yourself Back Up, Trish shares her personal journey of challenges, heartbreak and loss of self, so that she can support and encourage others who have experienced their own pain and are ready to build themselves back up. Trish spent most of her life wearing an invisible mask that hid the true pain that was buried inside her mind, body and soul. After her Spiritual Awakening and the unravelling of her life, Trish spent many years healing the pains of the past. Her heartbreaking life lessons led her to forgive herself and others. Step by step, she was able to build herself and her life back up and create a life that is filled with success, love and opportunities. Through her work and passion for positive change, Trish teaches others that, at any point in time, you can make changes and become the person you envision everyday.

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