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22 – Home Office Ergonomic Hacks with Rebecca Greier-Horton
Episode 2227th April 2020 • Creating Responsible Companies Podcast • Destination Better
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Episode Summary

Part 8 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly

Episode 22: Home Office Ergonomic Hacks with Rebecca Greier-Horton

The human body matters, especially at work. As we transition to work from home, some aches and pains may have crept in. Rebecca describes her own WFH challenges (two adults, two teenagers, and a pet!) and shares with us how to “life-hack” a work from home environment that is good for the body and the mind in her guide, Home Office Ergonomic Hacks: Real Tips for Real “Work From Home” Scenarios.



Rebecca supports her clients in both a hands-on and consultative manner. By sharing workplace wellbeing research and knowledge on behalf of Herman Miller Group she tends to the ergonomic and wellness needs of individuals and organizations by focusing on their greatest asset: People.

As a life-long Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager with Fortune 50 Companies, Rebecca has managed Sustainability and Wellbeing across multiple industries. She instinctively provides insightful and cost-effective workplace consultation, support, and solutions.

Rebecca was recently accepted as a member of the International Well Building Institute’s COVID19 Task Force. She is a Master Pilates Instructor trained at Ballet Memphis and teaches Pilates Reformer in Dallas, Texas, where she resides with her husband, two daughters, and her Shiba Inu, Zuki.


Topics Covered

  • Rebecca shares what you could be experiencing if your work from home set up isn’t aligned with your body’s needs
  • How the “Wonder Woman” pose can work even when you sit
  • How to stack your body from the feet up for proper alignment even if you are using a less than optimal chair
  • The laptop is the devil of ergonomics. Learn how to set up in a “Rebecca-approved” style using items around your house
  • The University of Waterloo recommended ratio of sit to stand working
  • Setting up the proper distance from your computer and keyboard
  • What a cashew body is and why you don’t want to be a “nut”
  • Why natural light in your work from home environment will help your productivity, stress and sleep
  • The 20/20/20 rule to combat Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Tech-Neck and cervical spine pain: how much your head weighs and what happens when you lean forward
  • The Ergonomic Intervention for kids, teens and adults
  • Rebecca’s Fave Work From Home Tips


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