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Building Psychological Safety in Manufacturing Teams with Tom Geraghty
Episode 2929th April 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode of the Manufacturers' Network Podcast, Tom Geraghty shares his journey from a diverse background in technology, healthcare, aviation, and government to becoming a passionate advocate for creating high-performing teams through psychological safety.

- The concept of psychological safety is about creating an environment where individuals feel safe to speak up, share concerns, and make mistakes without fear of retribution.

- Tom emphasizes the universal applicability of psychological safety across different domains, such as aviation, healthcare, tech, and manufacturing, highlighting the fundamental human dynamics underlying it.

Lesson Learned:

- The importance of creating conditions in which people and teams can thrive, recognizing that high-performing teams require a foundation of psychological safety.

- The impact of disruptive events such as the Tenerife air disaster and the Challenger disaster on the development and implementation of safety programs, promoting the critical role of psychological safety in safety-critical domains.

Fun Facts:

- Tom shares examples of how organizations use creative approaches such as "failure walls" and "f-up Fridays" to normalize failure, encourage candid discussions, and promote a culture of psychological safety.

- Reframing work as experiments and learning opportunities, rather than merely delivering a product, highlights the process-oriented nature of work and the potential for continuous improvement through psychological safety.

Key Takeaways:

- The need for leaders to model the behavior of psychological safety, prioritize learning from failures, and create mechanisms for open communication and feedback.

- The potential for psychological safety to drive improvements not only in safety and quality but also in employee retention, inclusivity, and diversity.

- The reassurance that there is no limit to psychological safety, and it is essential to address underlying problematic beliefs or attitudes that may surface in a safe environment.

Overall, the episode provides a compelling perspective on the transformative power of psychological safety and its potential to foster safe and innovative work environments in manufacturing and other industries.




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