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The One Page Funnel - Simplify To Monetise with Michael Greenberg
Episode 3815th July 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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We entrepreneurs just LOVE to overcomplicate everything, don’t we? 

Think about it, imagine you’re wanting to start a new online business. You’ve got the new landing page, upsell pages, blog, social media channels and tonnes of other pages, process and systems to put in place before you can even launchyour idea!

But do we really need all of this stuff or is there way in which we could simplify…and we mean reallysimplify the entire process and stillhave a successful business?

In this episode we’re joined by the awesome Michael Greenberg of Call For Content, and we talk about an incredibly specific (and perhaps revolutionary?!) strategy for those of us who don’t have the time, energy or resources to manage an omnichannel (we love that word) content strategy.

(1:30) Two lies and one truth about Michael. Will Kennedy get this correct yet again or are his mindreading days finally behind him?

(3:54) Let’s dive right into who this simplified strategy is for and what it helps us to do.


(5:51) Some of the fastest growing companies in the world are based purely off a strategy just like this. Let’s find out how you can emulate them. 


(8:15) What is the actual structure of this campaign and how can you implement it into your own business? More importantly, where does the monetization happen?


(10:42) Practical tips of the strategy.


(11:53) More people than ever listen to podcasts embedded on blogs. Does this new strategy mean we have to get rid of this?


(12:38) What should the frequency of your emails be and what should you actually put in them? 


(15:01) Entrepreneurs love messing around as it means we get to avoid doing the most important stuff. Now we won’t have an excuse!


(17:21) What is Michael’s go-to formula for the perfect subject line?

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