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Prayer 2021 - September 24 - Prayer and Miracles pt 5
Episode 26423rd September 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Psalm 143:1

“Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.”

Prayer and Miracles pt 5

Yesterday, we talked about the miracle of a brother or sister in Christ that, for whatever reason, was living in and committing some type of sin. You went to them in love and they rejected you. According to scripture, you are supposed to take another brother or sisters with you again and try to reason with them. If they refuse again, we are told to take it to the church leadership.

If they reject the church elders, then they are to be publicly shunned by the church membership. All of this in an effort to make them realize they are sinners that need to repent. Amen! It’s not out of hate or anything like that. It’s out of Love. The Love of God.

Matthew 18:19-20…get into agreement with the elders…that God will open the guys eyes and he will come to his senses…but leave it alone after that…because if you keep it up and keep fussing with the guy…and let him interfere and affect  your prayer life…then your prayer life won’t work…and we don’t want that, do we?

As I get ready to close…I want to clarify what the word AGREEMENT means…the Greek word actually translates as “harmony or to harmonize and to make like a symphony.”  It brings all of the individual instruments together in harmony.  Jesus is in the midst of us – he is there in agreement with us…and the power of God moves in our behalf to carry out the prayer of agreement.

We are a 3 part being…we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.  We need to get our soul to be in agreement with our spirit…our spirit is what responds to the Word of God….it is the only part of our being that is in total agreement at all times with the Word…the Body, which is what we live in, responds only to the physical elements of the world…that is what it is designed to do.  Our soul must make the decision which one it will follow…that is free will.  If we decide we want to follow our flesh…then that is the direction we flow and it is the results we reap…if we want to follow the Word of God and receive what God says we can have…then we must align our soul with our spirit…and then we outnumber the body two to one…and it will follow along.  We will be teaching more on that in a later broadcast…but the point I want to make sure you understand is this…we need to be in agreement between our spirit, soul and body…and we need to be in agreement between each other…and notice the word in Mathew 18:19-20….it says “THEY” shall ask…we need to ASK – and ask based upon the Word of God…amen!  Not hoping and wishing…but asking in Faith.

That’s what I want you to do right now…I want to pray with you…if you have a need that you are looking for someone to pray in agreement with you on – this is your chance. Amen!  Just pray this with me as if I was in the same room with you, putting my hand on your shoulder. Amen!  There is not time nor distance with God. 

Let’s Pray! 

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