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Our Passive Income Report - August 2020
24th September 2020 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#155: Welcome to the continuation of the Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast's Monthly Passive Income Report. This episode we highlight our August 2020 passive income streams.

We’re opening up the books and are sharing our actual passive income numbers with you. We want you to see if they’re working and to help inspire you to start today on growing your passive income. If you don’t keep score, it’s hard to know how you’re doing. These episodes help us open up our eyes. We’re also unlocking not only the revenue from our passive income sources, but also talking about how passive they actually are. We offer our community affiliate passive income opportunities and we want to be transparent with our community so that we can both support each other on our paths to Financial Freedom. Check out below our numbers in August, 2020:

August 2020 - 

Passive Income Revenue

By the Numbers:

Gross Revenue:  $ 18,674.6 

Total Expenses:  $ 15,171.9 

Net Profit:  $ 3,502.7


Affiliate Marketing - Revenue: $112 | Expenses: $0

Community - Members: 3,000 | Revenue: $ 2178 | Expenses: $2500

Long-term Rental - Revenue: $ 1065 | Expenses: $ 941

Short-term Rental - Revenue $3903 | Expenses $1785

Crypto - Revenue $4219 | Expenses $1610

Multi Family - Revenue: $0 | Expenses $0

Cattle Business - Revenue: $0 | Expenses $0

Land Flipping (Tri Star) - Revenue: $2521 | Expenses: $1936

Land Flipping (Everland) - Revenue: $3430 | Expenses: $0


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