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Let's Talk about Money with Shinobu Hindert, the Empowered Planner and financial expert
Episode 378th August 2023 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Finances are not a topic that we talk about like we should.

Shinobu Hindert's goal is to simplify the complex world of finance on today's episode of Creating Powerful Impact.

Most people have an idea of what their financial goals are but do not take the time to sit down and write them down. Shinobu shares that is important to be clear on your goals and create a success metric.

Finance is a conversation we should be having, starting so much younger than we do because people are losing time. When they lose time, they lose money. The more time we have, the more money we can invest and the higher returns we will see over our lifetime.

Writer Downers

1) 7:39 Invest Young

2) 10:16 Technology vs. Human

3) 14:29 Keep it simple

Shinobu Hindert has spent over a decade creating and managing complex financial plans, overseeing $350+ million in clients assets. She has taught over 500 live personal finance workshops and now helps women create the lifestyle they have always wanted but they thought they couldn't afford.

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