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The Magic Moment: A Conversation with Joe Pardavila - Part 2
Episode 1569th November 2022 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“Do you know what I think makes a compelling podcast? It’s a podcast that doesn’t sound like a podcast. And I know that’s a really goofy answer, but if it sounds like two people talking or three people talking and they’re having this conversation, that there’s a genuine back and forth of information, that’s what makes the best podcast.” -- Joe Pardavila

This episode’s the second half of my interview with radio personality, producer, podcaster, and author Joe Pardavila, as we talk about unexpected interview answers, how improv training helped him learn how to live in the moment, and what makes a compelling podcast in his experience.

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A Polarized World

As the second half of the interview starts, we continue our talk about some of the most surprising interview answers Joe's received, including an offhand but revealing inside look at Chris Martin's family life. The key, he says, is to care about what people have to say, and to give them an opportunity to share their stories. “A lot of people like to hear themselves talk,” he explains, “but they need the opportunity.” And, he humorously adds, “that's why I'm here Jodi, just to hear myself talk. Just that.” We also discuss how polarized the world’s become these days and how much extra effort it can sometimes take to empathize with each other’s perspectives. “We can at least try to get to know each other better,” Joe tells us, “and that just means putting ourselves in the other person's shoes.”


Getting Out of Your Head

Joe goes on to tell us how he ended up learning improv from the Upright Citizens Brigade and joining a sketch comedy group, and the most valuable skill he learned from those experiences. “I was always on,” he recalls, “and just needed something to turn off, because the one thing you learn from improv is it's important to live in the moment and get out of your head.” We discuss how modern technology and social networks have made concentrating on the moment more of a challenge than ever, and the discipline it can take to keep ourselves focused and resist the urge to try and multitask. “It's so easy to be distracted,” he adds, “that we have to be really focused on not being distracted.”


Make Sure You’re Proud

When asked about the most common issues facing podcasters, Joe has a ready answer: editing and overlooking the sound quality. “Someone's dog starts barking like crazy,” he answers, “and they just keep going with the podcast... you can press pause, stop, let things pass, and then continue.” We talk about the limitations of Zoom when it comes to podcasting, ways to work around a limited audio budget, and his latest work on everything from recording audiobooks to interviewing CEOs and business leaders. As the episode comes to a close, he reflects on the staying power of podcasting, something that's often easily overlooked “The great thing about podcasts,” Joe says, “you put your podcast out there, it's going to be out there for eternity. So make sure you're proud of it.”


Episode Summary

  • Joe’s most surprising interview answers and how to plan for a conversation
  • How learning improv and comedy helped teach Joe to focus on the present
  • Why the best podcasts are the ones that don’t sound like podcasts
  • Podcasting’s most common issues and Joe’s upcoming projects


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