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Episode 495 – Living With Distinction – Geeking out with Ruby P
Episode 49510th June 2024 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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It was a huge honour to have Ruby from Living Through Extinction bring her geek on the show. We chat all about the circumstances and synergy to various things that all brought her to her love of Harley Quinn. We discuss the origins of the character, and the ties to Days of Our Lives, Labyrinth, and others and some of the best representations of the character.

Ruby grew up in her own version of Bohunk. We each trace our origins from small towns to the big city, and how the world in all it’s flavours and colours opened up to us. We talk of the advent of comic and gaming shops, and some insight and stories on Comic Factory IV, Pendragon, Hemp Rock Cafe and A Muze N Games!


Dungeons and Dragons was a huge discovery in Ruby’s life. We talk about the game, including the satanic pandemic and the gaming groups. She also shares a story about Woody Harrelson and one about the Dust Rhinos. We also hit on crafting and cooking, and children.


Please check out Ruby’s show Living Through Extinction. It is an amazing show.

 We end the episode on a Bros Before Gin song called Serious.

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