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Unlocked - Ricky Locke EPISODE 9, 11th November 2020
How to build resilience with Chris Mooney
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How to build resilience with Chris Mooney

When we are faced with tough times, how do we bounce back and build resilience?

Why do some people seem to bounce back more quickly than others?

Well, this is something that me & Chris took a deep dive into in this weeks episode.

Joining me in this episode is Chris Money from CM Learning. Chris is a mindset and resilience facilitator and coach who has made learning and development his career for more than 20 years. Chris works with people to help them switch off their autopilot responses to develop their mindset and resilience for life’s challenges at home and at work.

In this episode we unlock...

  • What resilience is and where it comes from
  • Why we need to control our actions and our responses to build resilience
  • What choices you can make right now in your business
  • Change is always ongoing, we shouldn't be surprised, instead, lets learn how we can move forward.

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