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Biohacking Your Brain And Business With Tanessa Shears
Episode 19412th January 2023 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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If the New Year didn’t create a whole new you overnight, here are some more realistic strategies for you to try to optimize your brain for business.

Tanessa Shear walks you through why you need to consider your health as a priority for your business, the strategies you can start implementing today, and the popular self-care rituals that don’t really help

Key Takeaway

Your brain is the biggest asset in your business because optimizing brain health means better concentration, productivity, and creativity.

We talk about

  • The number one change you need to make today
  • How to use tech and data to optimize your health
  • 3 indicators of chronic stress
  • Realtime, recovery and resiliency strategies to deal with stress
  • What to optimize once stress is under control


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