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Calvinism Debated
10th December 2018 • Apologetics Live • Andrew Rappaport
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Matt Slick debates Calvinism with a Pelagian that argues that all people are born morally neutral and that we are divine. If you want to listen to someone crash and burn as they attempt to attack Calvinism this is it. Apologetics Live 12/06/2018 John Johnson, (AKA- Irenic Pelagian) agreed to debate Matt Slick (Friendly debate not a Formal debate) regarding total depravity and original sin. John asserts that Calvinism is just an exercise in “proof-texting” in his opinion. John then asserts that “Calvinism” impugns the character of God. Additionally, John states that “Total Depravity” is un-Biblical.  (Total Depravity is sometimes referred to as “Total Inability”) See: “What is total depravity and is it biblical?” Finally, John offers his view that people are born sinless, like Adam and Eve at the beginning of the Creation. (During the live stream: Links to TOPICAL articles are provided FOR CHAT GUESTS and PARTICIPANTS TO ACCESS for further and continuing independent study…….) Is it fair for God to love Jacob and hate Esau? Acts 17 was then the topic of focus: What are the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God? Questions about Man The Person and Nature of Jesus Christ:   Federal Headship:   Get you own “My Pillow” or order from a loved one at: 1-800-944-5396   John offers points supportive of “Annihilationism” while he rejects the idea he might be an “Annihilationist.” See a great many articles on this topic at: Annihilationism Eisegesis    as opposed to Exegesis Doctrine Grid The illegitimate and/or unwarranted use of the words “offspring” and “children” in Acts 17 was further discussed. What Is Confirmation Bias? As related to Wishful thinking. Jesus said, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me” (John 8:42). Then a few verses later in John 8:44, Jesus told the Pharisees that they “belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire.” The fact that those who are not saved are not children of God is also seen in 1 John 3:10: We become God’s children when we are saved because we are adopted into God’s family through our relationship with Jesus Christ (Galatians 4:5-6; Ephesians 1:5). This can be clearly seen in verses like Romans 8:14-17: Many chat participants noted the distinction between Adam and Eve having been CREATED, while we are the result of PROCREATION. Mark 9:29 was explored. Edison enters from the Philippines: While dealing with Roman Catholics: Are we saved by faith alone, or do we need works, too? Roman Catholicism, the Bible, and Tradition




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