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13. SŌWing Sustainable Change in Your Community | with Sunny & John Fahlgren
Episode 1322nd June 2020 • From The Outside In • Debbie Penzone
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Just about a year ago, SŌW Plated opened its doors for a grand opening. SŌW brought a flavorful menu full of made-from-scratch, sustainably sourced food to the Columbus community, truly a celebration of food in its most natural state. And just last week, SŌW re-opened their dining room and covered patio as part of RestartOhio.

Co-founded by Sunny and John Fahlgren, SŌW is built atop three pillars: sustainable, organic, and wellness. Their food is “guaranteed to be sustainably sourced, 100 percent all-natural and USDA Certified Organic, whenever possible,” even striving to source “better than organic” produce from nearby Ohio farm operations that do not use pesticides for the items on EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” list.

But SŌW is also more than a restaurant. Sunny and John’s intention was to create “a mission-based, highly-innovative brand that makes transformative change in this community.” And this approach to creating beauty from the inside out is 100% in alignment with our goal to create beauty from the outside in! We want to not just serve the wonderful people in this community but make the community better for everyone in it.

That’s why we opted to provide plant-based and protein+ options when we rebranded as PENZONE — because we can’t truly achieve our mission if we aren’t doing our part to make organic, sustainable, and delicious food options available to our community.

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