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Deepen Your Dreaming w/ Adrian Anteros
Episode 62nd April 2021 • The Sovereign Medicine Podcast • Dan Strelan
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Travel with us into the Heart of Reality as Dan and Flower Physician Adrian Anteros peel back the petals of the plant kingdom and fall in love with the intoxicating essence of flowers that allow us to be self-revealing.

Episode 6 is all about heart connection with all life - human, animal, plant. Fresh from foraging in the fields of Narrowneck in the Blue Mountains, Adrian and Dan jump in the studio to share some of the innocent wisdom and loving vibrations offered by the Pink Flannel Flower, a rare and exquisite creature that only shows itself after intense bush fire and heavy rain.

From here, the conversation takes a dive into the esoteric nature of sleep and dreaming as Adrian and Dan flesh out a map for creating a beautiful ritual to set you up for a beautiful and refreshing nights sleep.

It is our wish that this conversation may lead you into deeper communion with nature and ultimately home to your heart.

Who Is Adrian Anteros?

When conversing with Adrian, it can seem as though he is in a conversation with the entire universe. Adrian has followed his heart and deepened into communion with nature from an early age. As a perfumer, Adrian has an astute nose as sophisticated as any sommelier. His journey into the senses, combined with a wide open heart affords him opportunities to bring forth the pure essence of flowers which he masterfully crafts into ceremonial Frequency Mysts and vibrational Flower Essence Medicines.

Adrian shares these offerings through his Vibrational Medicine Dispensary at Pure Heart Alchemy. He is also the alchemist behind the Deep Sleeper tonic which we are proud to offer on the Sovereign Medicine website.

Products from Pure Heart are of the highest integrity. Many of the plants are lovingly cultivated by Adrian himself using Biodynamic practices on his pristine property in Northern Beaches, or sourced from friends and family who share the same values and practice. Others, like the Pink Flannel Flower, are Wildcrafted, and this includes the imbibing of Sacred Waters from every continent.

Many of our guests practice a personal form of alchemy, however Adrian's work as an old-school Physician is truly a bridge between the Spiritual and Material world.

If you get around to events of high consciousness in the Sydney area, you may be greeted by a cheeky man in leathers, feathers and a bottle of Myst to welcome you behind the veil. Adrian brings the element of play to almost any situation in life.

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