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Meet Deborah Burns, Author, Founder, & Workshop Leader
Episode 215th June 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Author Deborah Burns joins us today on this episode of "Once and Future Authors" to discuss her successful career and all of the lessons she has learned along the way!

Deborah Burns, a media chief innovation officer for brands, was always focused on helping her clients in the most beneficial way possible. Living and working in the "Corporate World of America," Burns was hyper-aware of what needed to be done and how to do it. She has always found fulfillment in relating with people and helping them.

Her life has taken many twists and turns, and a couple of years back was when it took her to write her memoir. Focused on her atypical relationship with her mother while growing up, and then on how she learns to deal with it, and uncover her mother's secrets as an adult, "Saturday's Child" is an important read. A fascinating depiction of the searing, powerful bond that exists between all mothers and daughters, "Saturday’s Child" is a mesmerizing, eye-opening read for any daughter who’s ever tried to figure out where her mother ends and she begins.

Deborah's next book, "Authorize It!: Think Like a Writer to Win at Work & Life" joins her virtual corporate Workshops and online Courses to nurture talent, inspire personal and professional development, and help everyone live up to their potential and have more successful careers.

On this insightful episode, Deborah helps listeners to realize that it's okay to be unsure about your next move, but that our own character journeys will reveal what we need to do with what we are given.

Join us as Deborah uncovers many truths that authors, businesses, and readers alike, all must face!

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