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Top Hacks for More Productivity and Less Stress in Property Management With Leah Selfe
Episode 3018th October 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Are you constantly overwhelmed and trapped in an endless cycle of to-do lists? Do you want to learn how to create an efficient and effective business? If you said YES, you're in the right place. 

In this episode, Kylie speaks with Productivity Queen Leah Selfe. Leah teaches women in the coaching industry to be less overwhelmed while taking action to get things done. She is your kick-ass productivity BFF!

Maintaining your sanity when you’re busy running a household, a business, and social life is not easy. So how can you run an efficient business and family life? Leah has the answer for you. If you want to spend more time doing instead of thinking about doing, listen up and get Leah's top five productivity hacks. 

“Once you know your WHY, then you can figure out the HOW.

You can't build something if you don't know what you're building.”

- Leah Selfe

In This Episode:

- Meet Leah Selfe, Productivity Queen

- Leah's best productivity hacks–starting with your inbox!

- How to manage your activities for the week for better efficiency

- How Leah can help business owners set up systems and processes to free up more time, focus on generating new clients, and provide an exceptional customer experience

- Leah's recommended resource for personal development


- Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

- Listen to the PM Collective - Supporting Happy Property Managers

- Start, Grow, and Scale Your Business

- Join the Digital Marketing School

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