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Episode #2 - It's 5:05, Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Episode 21st November 2022 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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It’s 5:05, on Tuesday, November 1st, 2022. Each day we bring you updates on open source and cybersecurity news that might slip by the major news sources. We have 20 reporters from around the world. Today’s updates are from Kadi Grigg in Alexandria, Virginia, Edwin Kwan in Sydney Australia, and DJ Schleen in Golden, Colorado. Let’s get to it!

That’s it for today’s open source and cybersecurity updates from around the world. Thank you to Kadi Grigg, Edwin Kwan, and DJ Schleen for today’s contributions. 

For direct links to all stories and resources mentioned in today’s episode, go to, where you’ll find our entire library of updates. “It’s 5:05” is available on all your favorite audio streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music. 

Today’s episode was engineered by Pokie Huang, with music by Blue Dot Sessions. We’re here, Monday through Friday. This is Executive Producer, Mark Miller. See you tomorrow… at 5:05.



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