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040: "Take every opportunity to build your skillset for your career." Women in the food and beverage service industry with Christie Lawler
Episode 1725th May 2020 • Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth • Jen Amos
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Christie Lawler is the Founder and Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG LLC, a marketing consulting firm offering a full suite of marketing, branding, sales strategy and training services for local, national and global companies. Christie is soon to be a published author and speaks nationally on the topics of marketing, cultural development strategies and branding.

In 2018, Christie launched her philanthropic arm – The WITI Group. This allows Christie to dedicate her time to fulfilling her true purpose of building the next generation of female leaders, both through her company and charity. Her foundation is supported by the annual WITI Conference which she created to be the only non-profit, invitation-only and female-only empowerment conference in the hospitality industry.

Connect with Christie at Or connect with her on LinkedIn @christie-j-lawler, Instagram @cjl_consulting_llc, or Facebook @cjlconsulting


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