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23. Pathways 2/2: Five More Pilot Careers & Deeper Discussion
2nd May 2022 • Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training • Landings With A Flair, LLC
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Professional pilots from around the world share stories about their flight training and tell us about their current careers.

Handouts (pdf format) –

How To Start Flight Training – International Perspective

How to Start Flight Training – USA Perspective

Speakers –

Captain Theresa

Philipp Rodenkirchen

Hrvoje Zubek

Mawuta O'May

Unmesh Dutt

Tamara Griffith

Abingdon Mullin

Gema Goeyardi

Johnny Pickett

Henrique Carneiro

Resources –

Clubhouse: New User Guide

Clubhouse: Pilot Flight Training House (Formerly a Club)

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