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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 42, 7th May 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Ajit Ghuman, Narvar
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Product Marketing Insider | Ajit Ghuman, Narvar

This week on Insider we’re joined by Ajit Ghuman, Head of Product Marketing at Narvar to discuss all things PMM and pricing ahead of the release of his new book Price to Scale: Practical Pricing for Your High Growth Software Startup. Ajit shares his inspiration for the book, what readers can expect, and then dives into the world of PMM sharing his experiences and unique insights on the role. 


"What's kept me inside the profession and doing it all these years is really the... it's kind of more fun for me, maybe it depends, some people it may be less are more fun for but just the ability to be strategic one day and be very tactically creative the next day, and wear so many multiple hats, that has been the most enjoyable facet of the profession."