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26: Don't Cross the Streams
Episode 2629th November 2023 • Gadgets for Families • Mt. Nebo Consulting, LLC
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We noticed after the fact that we had some recording anomalies but that didn’t stop us from having a great discussion on video streaming services. What services do we use, which do we pay for and how do we get some for free. Plus a discussion on how we stream and then a fun post show talking about what we have been or want to watch.

Key Topics and TimeStamps

  • Welcome 00:00
  • Intro 01:03
  • Tips 13:52
  • State of Streaming 22:10
  • What Services We Use 31:10
  • How We Stream 55:23
  • Wrap Up 01:06:40
  • Let’s Discuss Content (Post Show) 01:08:00

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