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Jonny Prest a.k.a Brandmaster Flash
Episode 712th May 2021 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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This episode is about being your best self in business.

This brilliant topic of conversation was brought to your ears by our special guest co-host Jonny Prest, aka brand master flash

Some of you may recognise Jonny from his RE:BIte episode (which you can re-listen to here) or from some of his brilliant video content you may have seen across his social platforms.

Jonny bought three topics to the table: 

  • Customer journeys
  • Onboarding
  • Relationships

In customer journeys, we speak about.

  • Decision chains 
  • 4 reasons people (b2b) buy 
  • The power of brand strategy 
  • How it's much harder to be 'full-on wanker' on Zoom.

In the onboarding section, we speak about 

  • Onboarding being the 1st experience people have as a client
  • 1st impressions count
  • We create revenue by more than the products and services you sell.

In the last part, we speak about relationships

  • Approach every situation with love and compassion
  • Delivering a great marketing service with the above
  • Asking meaningful questions 

You can reach out to and find Jonny on the following links:

Thanks for listening to this episode of The Re of Marketing podcast. This is the show where we come to Rethink, Reframe and Remark on all things marketing and speak to the people behind the work to find out what inspires them to use their marketing superpowers for good.