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The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide - Eric Payne EPISODE 11, 2nd October 2020
C-Sweet Lady, Can It Be All So Simple?

C-Sweet Lady, Can It Be All So Simple?

In the conclusion of two-part Season 2 finale of The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide, everything comes full circle for Eric on his journey — he's discovered someone he wants to build a relationship with and he comes face to face with his past. What remains to be seen is if he can make it work with C-Sweet Lady and can he come to terms with his past.

Episode Music: Wig Split by Epik the Dawn

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About the Podcast

Datin' ain't easy — especially the second time around. Join retired blogger and divorced dad, Eric Payne for his humorous storytelling escapades that take you along for the ride over the hills and through the valleys as he navigates dating life as a divorced man. Eric doesn't shy away from any of it – the good, the bad, the ugly and the messy, and he isn't afraid to call himself out when he's the one being messy.

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