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54. Everything I Learned at ConvertKit's Craft + Commerce Conference (mind blown!)
Episode 541st August 2022 • On Your Terms • Sam Vander Wielen
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I recently got back from ConvertKit’s Craft + Commerce Conference in Boise, Idaho and my mind was BLOWN!

The online business world is changing and we all need to adapt. This conference brought together some of the biggest names in the industry, but also the up-and-comers who are trying new things and finding out what works.

I’m going to share some of my biggest takeaways, why I went, what I had hoped to get out of it, and what people are missing out on when they don’t go to conferences. I’ll also give you the one takeaway that, if you were to only take one thing from this conference, will make a huge difference in your business.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • 03:12 - Why I chose to attend Craft + Commerce (and why I almost changed my mind)
  • 17:35 - Blogging isn’t dead
  • 19:22 - The importance of diversifying your marketing strategy
  • 22:58 - Focusing on the big stuff and less on the trends
  • 35:02 - Getting down with your numbers
  • 37:00 - Titles are so important
  • 40:36 - Public speaking tips
  • 43:07 - Investing in your future self
  • 45:35 - Being high value*
  • 48:47 - Getting clear on what success means to you
  • 50:22 - Doing $10k work

In our review of the week, TadaSrah writes: "Sam is so knowledgeable and down to earth. I love listening to On Your Terms! Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and is an outstanding teacher! She makes the “less fun” legal parts of running a business actually interesting and enjoyable to learn. I’m also an Ultimate Bundle member which has helped me tremendously in my business, so I was stoked when she started a podcast because I love learning from her! I listen while I’m doing chores around the house and I always feel like she’s right there talking directly to me. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is starting or running an online business. Thanks for all that you do Sam!"

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