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Ep. 19: Body Positivity on Social Media
Episode 1927th May 2021 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Episode 19: Body Positivity on Social Media

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! For this episode, we’re speaking with Natalie Mazzarella, editor and creator of Wear You Are Now. Natalie is a champion of body positivity and we just love her posts on social media that aim to empower women to embrace themselves as they are. And that’s what we’re talking about today!

In our nineteenth episode you’ll learn:

  • How social media can actually be a force for good when it comes to body positivity, allowing us to have conversations on body image
  • That it’s okay and normal to have good and bad days for creating content and it’s okay to give yourself some space
  • That the “social media body type” is a myth
  • That every body type is beautiful
  • That you’re not alone when you feel like you don’t fit the social media body type
  • How to shift your mindset to embrace your body and celebrate it on social media

About our Guest:

Natalie Mazzarella is the editor and creator of Wear You Are Now, a lifestyle website for kindred spirits who believe fashion plays an integral role in making memories. A seasoned publicist, activist, and word play enthusiast, she is never one to pass up a good pun or a glass of wine (or two). By day, Natalie is the Executive Director of Skoog Co., a PR and Communications agency based in Chicago. She also holds a seat on the Executive Board of the Daisie Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to serving women and children in Chicago communities. Natalie lives in Boston with her husband, who she hopes, one day, will agree to adopt a pet hedgehog. For more on Natalie’s work, check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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