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109 - Tech Leadership and Legacy - Ryan Matonis Shares Insights on Innovation and Team Dynamics
3rd June 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Ryan Matonis, the President and CTO at Lead Force 360, discusses the intersection of technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Ryan dives deep into his journey from an intern to a tech entrepreneur, revealing the critical turning points that shaped his career. He shares how encountering challenges and failures, particularly an enlightening but harsh critique from UX pioneer Don Norman, significantly impacted his business approach and personal growth.

Ryan emphasizes the importance of embracing a self-sufficient team culture, where team members are empowered to manage themselves, highlighting the role of technology in facilitating effective management and leadership. His approach combines rigorous system adoption with fostering a culture that encourages individual leadership, aiming for a seamless blend of tech and human oversight.

Listeners will gain insights into the practicalities of leading a tech-driven business, the evolution of sales and marketing strategies, and the critical importance of customer interaction in the digital age. Ryan’s story is a compelling narrative of resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

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