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Episode 104: How do I deal with "crazy" in the workplace?
Episode 1044th August 2022 • Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper • Denise Cooper
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How do we have a productive relationship with a colleague once trust has been broken?

How do we transition back into a hybrid or in-person environment when virtual work has given us a buffer from a toxic coworker? We always do our best to be nice - but what does "being nice" really mean? Being nice in a toxic situation can have negative effects, all of a sudden we find ourselves rolling our eyes, venting to our friends after work, and giving contemptuous looks to our colleagues

When your words and your actions do not align, it can trigger critical or defensive reactions in other people. This causes internal strife that can make it difficult to focus on the work that needs to be done. People pleasing is a sign of a lack of boundaries, and boundaries are what keeps us safe. Doesn't it make sense that when we have weak boundaries, we find ourselves getting upset more often?

If you're wondering how to set affirming and manageable boundaries with a toxic colleague or boss, this is the episode for you.


  1. In your experience, what behaviors will break trust in a work relationship?
  2. What is your expectation when it comes to healthy relationships with your colleagues? 
  3. When trust is broken beyond repair - how do we proceed? 
  4. What role does HR play in restoring trust between colleagues? Does HR really matter when it comes to establishing healthy relationships in the workplace? 


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