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Black Button Podcast Episode 2 – Manhattans
7th July 2017 • Food About Town • Chris Lindstrom
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This is a branded Food About Town podcast produced by Chris Lindstrom and recorded at the Food About Town Studio.

This is the second episode of the Black Button Distilling Podcast! Owner Jason Barrett came over to the Food About Town Studio to talk about the Manhattan, one of his inspirations on his journey to becoming a distiller.

Jason made his Four Grain Bourbon purposefully to shine in the Manhattan, which is his favorite cocktail. His bourbon has gotten better and better over the years and I can’t wait to see how it evolves as more aged bourbons make up the recipe. We tried a couple different versions of the Bourbon Manhattan each featuring a different sweet vermouth. There are very few ingredients in a Manhattan and making sure that the sweet vermouth you use is stored properly and suits your preferred flavor profile is key.

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I thought the vermouths from Carpano Antica and Atsby’s Armadillo Cake both made fascinating drinks and would make fine additions to your home Manhattan bar. Don’t forget the bar tools and if you need to restock, stop over to the Black Button tasting rooms to get your fix.

If you’d like to learn more about Black Button, take a tour or just do a sampling check them out at one of their tasting rooms. Black Button is located at 85 Railroad Street in Rochester near the Public Market and 149 Swan St in Buffalo for all your local spirit and cocktail needs!

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