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Conrad Hughes: Capturing the stories of learning
Episode 1423rd November 2022 • Coconut Thinking • Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
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In this episode, I speak with Conrad Hughes, Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissire, the oldest international school in the world. Conrad led two major projects with UNESCO to rethink the guiding principles for learning in the 21st Century and preventing violent extremism through education. He has published three books on different aspects of 21st Century learning. Conrad is a member of the advisory board for the University of the People, senior fellow of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education and research assistant at the University of Geneva’s department of psychology and education. He is a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog and speaks in conferences across the globe. We discuss:

🥥 How for us to have an inclusive society, everyone needs to be able to bring their multiple selves and identities to the table;

🥥 How the process of becoming is non-linear, mysterious, and about connections;

🥥 How capturing learning wherever and whenever it happens tells the whole story of flourishing.

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